What They Don’t Tell You

People back home are often saying to me something along the lines of “Oh! Your life must be like a vacation!” or “Have you gone to [insert European country, city, place of interest or restaurant here] yet?” And I get it. If you’ve never lived abroad, it’s hard to imagine the experience as anything other …

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garlic head and cloves

In Defense of Unitaskers

I used to work for an American kitchenware retail chain (not the one you’re thinking of; the other one), and we sold all kinds of what were euphemistically called “gadgets,” but what some of us referred to as “money-wasters” or “takers-up-of-precious-kitchen-space.” You know what I’m talking about — tools that are marketed as being the …

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Hey, There.

That Eleanor Roosevelt quote about doing one thing every day that scares you? That's my mission statement for 2017. To start, I’m moving to Madrid. Hitting pause on my career, saying goodbye to friends, family and a kitty and jumping arms-flung-out-wide into the big unknown. As I write this, I’m sitting in my comfy apartment …

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